TOP WATCH(TM) Business Service Description


What-Happened.com has developed a unique ad insertion subsystem that provides an emerging advertising opportunity for innovative companies. There are two forms of media using our technology: Audio: Free ("SPONSOR") Subscribers receive audio advertisements on a sporadic basis as a function of their upload frequency. Your audio ad content can be as long as 15 seconds, and can be targeted in a variety of ways. Rates are a function of SPONSOR upload frequency (impressions). Source formats are converted to those required by the target device.

Video: Free ("SPONSOR") Subscribers receive video advertisements at the beginning of animations created via the Activity Timeline. These clips can be as long as 8 seconds. Rates are a function of SPONSOR animation activity (impressions). Our Creative Department converts your source material to the required format to be included with our animations.

Please contact us for more information and a rate card.
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