TOP WATCH(TM) Business Service Description
Much more than converting your mobile device into a webcam, Cellimation enables a completely new world of entertainment and interpersonal communication. Automatically broadcast images with Cellicast 1.0 from wherever you are, with your authorized guests viewing your "live" activity. See screenshot.
The Innovation of Animation - And, more than viewing "live" activity, you can record your activity for playback at a later date. Bring your images to life by animating them in slow motion or time-lapse, email them, or save your video animations locally, to your blog, or to your "Public Library" at What-Happened.com.
Your Public Library - What about those unforgettable moments you captured? Save them to your Public Library and share them with your VIP Guests or the world. Use our narration tool to create an audio track, or even add an MP3 audio track from the web or your computer with a single mouse-click. Save your animation in any speed you like.

- The beauty of Cellimation is that your Guests can simultaneously comment on your activity while you are broadcasting images "live." They can speak into a microphone on their computer or even enter text that is converted to a human voice.
Preferences - Doing it Your Way! - With over 30 customizeable settings for your Cellimation site, you have complete control over the appearance of your "Control Room." You can even customize the sophisticated motion detection settings to your liking.
Knowtification (tm) - Automatically tell all of your invited Guests that you have started broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0! When your Guests sign up for Knowtification, they will be notified by email, text message, or an actual phone call when you begin your broadcast. And if they have their mobile device with them, they can instantly view your activity with Celliview(tm).
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