TOP WATCH(TM) Business Service Description



The Cellivision brand live cell phone broadcast technology gives mobile professionals such as real estate agents, personal shoppers, and law enforcement, the ability to have an interactive and real-time experience with a remote viewer or audience.

For real estate agents, property may be shown "live" with custom virtual tours to potential clients worldwide (without the client leaving their computer desktop). All activity is recorded and available for later playback. Cellivision can help boost sales and differentiate your services from other professionals. In summary:
  • It's FREE!
  • Broad marketing appeal increases your client base
  • Increases client interest and buying activity
  • Cellivision requires two phones (until mobile carriers allow simultaneous Internet access and phone calls): one for speaking to the client and one for the Cellivision brand image broadcast. Most carriers allow your second phone to share the first phone's minutes, and offer you a large discount on the second phone.
  • Unlimited Internet plan for the Cellivision device
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