Enabling your Sprint PCS Java Phone

This procedure is required because Sprint PCS does not allow customers to load Java programs (that access restricted services, such as the camera) onto their phones unless the "Developer Root" has been enabled. We can do this for you if you supply the information below. You do not need need to do this if you have a Windows Mobile device or Palm Treo. It is only required for Java-capable devices such as Samsung and Sanyo phones. If you prefer not to enter this information, you can perform the procedure yourself by going here.

Please enter the phone number of your device:
Please enter the Electronic Serial Number (ESN*):

(*The ESN can be found beneath the battery. Please enter the displayed "HEX" version instead of the decimal version. It should be 8 characters in length, and is case sensitive!)

After you hit the submit button (below), please wait approximately 10 minutes for the process to complete. You should make sure you have reception during this time period. Also, it may take up to 30 seconds for this page to return after click on the Submit button.


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