General Questions and Answers

  1. Q: Why do you use black as the background color?

  2. Q: How much does my image upload frequency impact the quality of the animations?

  3. Q: How is your technology, product, or service different from other "streaming" vendors or webcam software.

  4. Q: Why can't I just run the webcam software and store the images and video locally, on my computer?

  5. Q: If I already have closed-circuit surveillance, can it be made to work with your system?

  6. Q: If I already have webcam software, will it work with your server requirements?

  7. Q: What is the difference between uploading frames and streaming?

  8. Q: Can I have different frame sizes used for the still shots versus the animations?

  9. Q: Can I have different upload rates for multiple cameras?

  10. Q: What software is required on my local computer system(s) to support the cameras and upload images?

  11. Q: What software is required on the client/viewing systems to view animations?

  12. Q: What is the maximum frequency I can upload frames (per camera)?

  13. Q: Will uploading images at a high rate impact my network/Internet connection performance?

  14. Q: Do you sell the equipment or just software, or a service only?