General Questions and Answers
  1. How is broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0 different from a Video Phone Call or recording a Video Clip with my Video Phone?

  2. Is audio also recorded and uploaded at the same time the video images are uploaded?

  3. Why do you use black as the background color in My Control Room?

  4. Can I use the Mozilla browser at What-Happened.com?

  5. Can I use RealPlayer for video playback at What-Happened.com?

  6. Can I use a dial-up to connect to the site, or must I have a broadband connection?

  7. Do you use popups on your site? What if I have a popup blocker installed?

  8. Will my cell phone operator charge me more for my service because of transmitting more data?

  9. Can I receive phone calls, voicemail indications, or text messages while I am broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0?

  10. Why do emails from What-Happened.com sometimes arrive in my bulk/spam folder?

  11. How do I cancel my account/subscription?

  12. Can I temporarily block some or all of my VIP Guests from viewing my Cellicast 1.0 activity?

  13. Can I create multiple accounts for one camera and control to which account the images are uploaded each time I start to broadcast with Cellicast 1.0?

  14. When I broadcast with Cellicast 1.0, will it use the device's battery more quickly than talking on the phone?

  15. Can I use the Bluetooth connection from my Treo to my Laptop (and then the Internet) instead of the GPRS or CDMA phone network?

  16. Do I really need a Cellipod to use the service?

  17. Can What-Happened.com employees view my Cellicast 1.0 content?

  18. When I try to watch the video Trailer with Mozilla or Firefox, I get gibberish on my screen. What should I do?

Technical Q and A / Common Problems
    Cellicast 1.0 Client Software

  1. On my Nokia 6680, I get a message about the camera being in use whenever I slide down the camera guard. Is this an error?
  2. Where do I download the .NET Compact Framework version 2 for Windows Mobile 5 devices?

    Account Access, Logins, Sessions, Expirations

  3. When I login, I get a message about data being sent over an unencrypted connection. Is this OK?

    Virtual Cameras

  4. I'm a real estate agent and want to use Cellicast 1.0 to give custom, real-time "virtual tours." How do I setup my Virtual Cameras for this?


  5. I use Netscape Navigator on the Microsoft Windows Platform. Sometimes the Quicktime animations come up blank or skewed to the side. Is this a bug?

  6. Sometimes, with Mozilla, the step-forward and step-backward work fine on the animation, and sometimes they cause the browser to submit the page and I get an error. Is this a bug?

  7. Can I use the Safari browser on a Macintosh?

  8. Can I use the Camino browser on a Macintosh?

  9. Why is the speed set to a strange number on recent activity animations and animations from the timeline?

    Browser Issues

  10. Do I need Java enabled/installed in my Browser?

  11. Can I configure Internet Explorer to not making a "Clicking" sound every time a thumbnail image is refreshed?

    Text Messaging

  12. What is the email address format to send a text message to my mobile device?


  13. How much does my image upload frequency impact the quality of my animations?

  14. If i change my uploaded image size, will animations and "recent activity" still work?

  15. Is there a correlation between upload frequency and the frequency at which I can receive VoiceOvers?

  16. Does my signal strength impact upload speed, or just phone/voice quality?


  17. I'm using a Palm Treo - how do I increase the volume of audio messages received with VoiceOvers?

  18. Is there a correlation between upload frequency and the frequency at which I can receive VoiceOvers?

  19. I use Yahoo! to read my mail. If I ask for a copy of the text-to-speech VoiceOver to be emailed to me, I have to save it (instead of open it) in Yahoo! mail, otherwise I get an error. Is this a bug?

    Public Library

  20. What if I want to add both a music track and a narration track?

  21. When I import an AVI clip from the library into my video editing software, it doesn't accept the format. What should I do?


  22. If I block a VIP Guest, and they have signed-up for Knowtification for my Cellicast content, will they get Knowtified even though they have been blocked?