The Innovation of Animation

One of the most valuable elements of Cellimation is the ability for you and your audience to animate your collected images into a video clip. Similar to how cartoons were originally created (by an artist drawing individual "cells" and then showing them one after another to simulate live action), our contemporary version of animation brings a whole new "Look of Life (sm)" to both Cellimation Subscribers and their Guests.

The animation technology "behind the scenes" is quite sophisticated, and brings together three underlying innovations: motion detection, a visual activity timeline, and optimized software that converts a series of images into a movie clip. These are all discussed below.

Motion Detection

Cellimation uses advanced motion detection so that your audience (VIP Guests) views only interesting (motion-sensed) activity, without wasting time viewing static images.

Here is a real-life example of how the motion detection works:

Suppose you are broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0 your friends playing tennis. Instead of all images being saved (even when the players are off the court), only the images with activity ("motion") are saved.

Later that day, you and your friends watch the tennis game in the Control Room at You are all delighted to watch a continuous tennis game, without having to waste time viewing the empty court during the breaks. And all this was done, without you lifting a finger, automatically!

All motion-detected images are saved and stamped with the date and time, in a position and font of your choice. By archiving only motion-detected activity, you avoid wasting your storage space.

The Activity Timeline

Instantly animate your recorded Cellicast 1.0 activity on The Activity Timeline. Because your Cellicast 1.0 activity is automatically recorded on The Activity Timeline, all you have to do is select the time period you wish to animate. Just scroll through the Timeline for each day you have recorded activity. When you choose "Preview" mode, a click on the Timeline shows a thumbnail image from the selected time period. When you choose "Animation" mode, a video animation (Quicktime or Windows Media) is instantly created for the time period indicated, with default quality and duration settings.

Sample Activity Timeline

Video Animation Controls

Once you create an animation, it can be viewed at virtually any speed (slow motion, normal, or "time-lapse"). Even more, the resulting animation can be saved to your local computer. If you were watching in slow-motion, the clip would be saved in slow-motion, and if you were watching in time-lapse, the clip would be saved in time-lapse. You can also email single image "frames" from the animation, and step forward and backward through the newly created video clip. Finally, the clip can be stored in the "Public Library" for others to view, with optional audio tracks.

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