It's Your Life. Live it. Capture It. Share It.

At home. At work. At play. Wherever you have reception for your Cellimation-compatible mobile device, you can begin broadcasting from your cell phone with the Cellicast(tm) 1.0 software!

Your audience ("VIP Guests") can opt to be automatically notified when you have begun broadcasting. They can receive an email, text message, or even an automated phone call! Through our website, your guests can instantly view your Cellicast 1.0 images from anywhere in the world, on a computer or a mobile device.

Sample "Live Window"

Now you can share the images of your wedding, live, with family and friends all over the world -- and all from the convenience of your camera phone. Everyone will love "being there" with you as you walk down the aisle or take the first dance!

Your camera phone can also become a security and surveillance device. Easily monitor your sleeping baby while you work on your computer in another room. Just point your mobile device's camera in the right direction and monitor them in your Cellimation Control Room.

Cellicast 1.0 allows "hands-free" with the VersiPodTM, a compact mini-tripod that easily attaches to your mobile device of any size (see Accessories on the menu bar).

Want to record your vacation or your road trip during Spring Break? Use the ClamperPodTM to mount your mobile device in your car and point the camera out the window or at your favorite passenger! And with the VoiceOver feature, your friends and family can "virtually" join you with their witty commentary.

But that's just the beginning! Because all your activity is automatically recorded while it occurs, you can now create animations of "What-Happened" and even add music tracks or narration from the Cellimation website! Click below to learn more about all the Animation features.
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