Cellitest Instructions on your Mobile Device

  1. Download and install Cellitest by going to the URL you were sent in the text message to your device.

  2. Select Internet Connections test. Your device may prompt you to permit network access. If so, please select a response that allows access. If the test succeeds, you will see a message at the top of your display that says Web Test Succeeded!. The remaining information describes your device's capabilities, if you are interested.

  3. Select VoiceOver. You may get another prompt about network access (please choose to allow). After several seconds (depending on your network speed), you should hear a voice with a Cellitest message.

  4. Select Camera Snapshot. Choose one of the menu items to take a JPEG snapshot or a PNG snapshot (JPEG is definitely preferred). If the test succeeds, you will see "Success!" and the number of bytes stored for the image at the top of the display.

  5. If all tests are successful, then you are ready to Subscribe to Cellimation!

  6. If a test failed, we'd like to know the details so we can document your device and improve our service. You can submit a trouble report by clicking here.


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