The Public Library

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Your Public Library is a section of your Control Room where you and your audience members ("VIP Guests") can permanently store and share your animations. The animations are saved at the speed you set to view them, so you can create clips in slow-motion or time-lapse, or any speed in-between. Clips are stored in both Windows Media and Quicktime formats.

A section of the Public Library screen...

Once an animation is saved to the Public Library, the Subscriber can add an audio track. The audio track can be created using our "Narration Tool" or you can add an MP3 track from a website or your local computer.

Once the clips are in The Public Library, you can choose how you would like to share them:
  • Make them "public" so they can be referenced from your blog
  • Email a link to the clip (if the clip is public)
  • Email the actual clip (not just a link) if the clip is not public
  • Download the clip to your local computer, perhaps for custom editing with your video editing software
"Speaking" of sharing with your audience, the VoiceOver capability is a way your audience can share with you: they can talk to you while you are broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0!

Click below to learn more about the entertaining VoiceOver capability.

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