Your Cellimation Preferences

Offering Simple-to-Extensive Customization!

You'll probably be surprised at the wealth of preferences available for your broadcasts. Whether you're just a beginner or an advanced user, you can customize the appearance of your broadcasts with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Preference Option Summary

  1. Camera Title/Description

  2. Your camera's worldwide time zone

  3. Your login password

  4. Optional date/time stamp on each saved image

  5. Thumbnail dimensions of your available cameras (Guest or Subscriber)

  6. Columns for Matrix View

  7. Image dimensions for Matrix View

  8. Displayable Motion Indicator (on/off)

  9. Motion sensitivity for motion detection (1-255)

  10. Exclude zone for motion detection

  11. Include zone for motion detection

  12. Number of minutes of recent activity to show

  13. Number of minutes to store before and after motion events

  14. "Night mode" for motion detection

  15. "Night mode" hours of operation

  16. Default quality for Recent Window

  17. Default quality setting for Activity Timeline animations

  18. Default duration for Activity Timeline animations

  19. Location of date/time stamp

  20. Font for date/time stamp

  21. Cropping of incoming image

  22. Width/height of Live Window image

  23. Width/height of Recent Activity window

  24. Rotation of incoming images

  25. Convert images to greyscale/mono

  26. Contrast adjustment (black/white)

  27. Anonymous user views (e.g. for BLOG)

  28. Anonymous images views with required REFERER or QUERY_STRING

    Similarly, your VIP Guests have complete control over the various ways they can be alerted when you begin broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0. We call this Knowtification. To learn more about this customizeable capability, please read the next section about Knowtification!

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