Share Your Cellicast 1.0 broadcasts with VIP Guests!

Sharing Cellicast 1.0 broadcasts with family, friends, associates, or even a worldwide audience, is great fun and easy to do. Invited VIP Guests are the audience with whom Subscribers share their broadcasts. Similarly, the VIP Guests share interactive capabilities with the person broadcasting, in the following ways:
  • Guests can use the VoiceOver feature to express real-time commentary to the person broadcasting. If a Guest does not have a microphone, or wishes to remain anonymous, they can enter text that is converted to a computer-generated voice!

  • Guests can send a text message from their computer to the broadcaster.

  • Guests can save animated clips (created from the Activity Timeline) to the broadcaster's Public Library.

  • Guests have complete access to the contents of the broadcaster's Public Library.

  • Guests can opt to be Knowtified when a Cellicast 1.0 broadcast begins.

  • On a single webpage, Guests can see the "live" activity of all the broadcasts for which they have access. This is called the Matrix View. Clicking on any of the images will "zoom" into that broadcast.

At the same time, as a Subscriber you have many options available to you for Guest management. In summary:
  • Invite Guests through automatic email generation (you don't have to send them an email yourself)

  • Guest nicknames

  • Guest status indications (Pending, Active, Cancelled, etc.)

  • The date and time the Guest has last viewed your content

  • Option to Temporarily Block and Unblock a specific Guest's access to your content

  • Option to permanently delete a Guest from your Guest list

  • Option to create "virtual" cameras on your account with completely different VIP Guest Lists

  • Option to turn on/off the VoiceOver feature

  • Subscribers can be invited as VIP Guests by other Subscribers without creating a separate VIP Guest account


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