Interact with your audience while broadcasting with Cellicast 1.0!

Imagine that at any time during your broadcast, one of your VIP Guests may send audio comments which you will automatically hear -- without lifting a finger! With just a few mouse clicks, your audience can say anything to you, "live," and you'll hear the message on the speaker of your mobile device.

The VoiceOver feature gives you unlimited possibilities to share your broadcast experience:
  • Listen to Commentary: Allows your Guests to virtually participate with you from anywhere in the world, from the convenience of their computer, without dialing a phone and with or without a microphone.

  • Allows Spontaneity: Gives your Guests the chance to speak spontaneously as they watch -- and become involved in -- your broadcast.

  • Guests can be Anonymous: If they choose to use the optional computer-generated voice-from-text.

  • No broadcast Disruption: Allows you, the broadcaster, to receive information, commentary, instructions, etc. without disrupting the broadcast.

  • Voice On / Voice Off: You can turn the VoiceOver feature off or on at anytime, from your device.

  • Flexibility: Both Subscribers and VIP Guests can purchase VoiceOver credits and transfer them to other Guests and Subscribers.
The endless possibilities of the VoiceOver feature only enhances the value of your mobile device and your entertainment or productivity. Allowing you to customize your communication features gives you the control you want, to do it Your Way!

To learn more about doing things Your Way, please read the next section about Preferences.

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