TOP WATCH(TM) Business Service Description



For real estate agents, Cellivision gives your clients an interactive, and LIVE virtual walk through of properties. Whether the client is nearby (but very busy), or remote, the power of Cellivision lets you use a camera phone to walk them through the property while they sit back and watch from their computer, directing the tour to their satisfaction. The tour is also recorded for later viewing. Cellivision can help boost your sales and differentiate your services from other agents. In summary:
  • Low-cost: only $4.95/month!
  • Broad marketing appeal increases your client base
  • Increases client interest and buying activity
  • Free listing in our upcoming online directory of "Agents with Cellivision"
  • You will need two phones: one for speaking and for Cellivision. Most operators allow your second phone to share the first phone's minutes, and offer you a large discount on the second phone.
  • Unlimited Internet plan for the Cellivision device
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