TOP WATCH(TM) Business Service Description

Order the incredibly useful Clamperpod or Versipod


Clamperpod TM

  • Can be clamped to virtually anything (of appropriate diameter)!
  • Made of die-cast aluminum alloy; lightweight yet very strong
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Compatible with the Versipod device holder
  • Perfect for outdoor use, inside vehicles, or in the home/office
  • NOTE: It does not come with a device holder, so you must order the VersiPod for a holder.


  • Made of strong yet lightweight aluminum
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Simple setup/legs extend from 6" to 10"
  • Includes carrying bag/totally portable!
  • "Holder" is interchangeable with any standard camera mount (including Clamperpod)
  • Rotates in a variety of swivel directions
  • Device holder fits phones or larger PDAs
  • Operational height: 6" - 11.5"; Weight: 4.5oz (without device); Min/Max leg span: 5" - 14"

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