TOP WATCH(TM) Business Service Description


Once in a great while, a technology innovation enhances your business. What-Happened.com pioneers this change by simultaneously reducing the costs associated with video monitoring and surveillance, and providing you new monitoring features that will change your "view" of your business.

And if you're not interested in surveillance, but have a current webcam for your business, without any changes on your part you can create animated videos of your webcam activity or use our entire suite of software to completely enhance the value of your existing webcam investment.

Whether you're at home, on a train, at your workplace, or on a mobile device, What-Happened.com enables you to monitor your business wherever you have have an Internet connection. More importantly, you can create a "live action" video of stored images for the current day or several days prior. Ultimately, we allow you to know your business, and to know What-Happened.  

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