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Once in a great while, a technology innovation changes the way you communicate, work, play, and socialize. What-Happened.com pioneers this change by linking the power of camera-enabled mobile devices, the Internet, and video animation, to make your handheld device a visual life recording system. This patent-pending, unique technological fusion describes Cellimation, a FREE, web-based service that allows you to capture and share a new "Look of Life (sm)."

Cellimation gives you the power to rapidly and automatically broadcast live images, to your invited list of friends, family and associates. The images become immediately available and can be instantly animated to create a video! Want to add a music track from the web or narrate a clip? Save the footage in your Public Library in either slow motion, normal, or time-lapse? Link your favorite clips to your blog? Hear live commentary from your audience as you broadcast? For the first time in Internet history: you can do it all.

Cellicast 1.0 software is FREE and simple! Once installed, in just a few seconds you can begin "live" broadcasting from your camera phone or PDA. Broadcast, hands-free, with the compact VersiPod or ClamperPod, allowing you to mount your mobile device virtually anywhere!

It's your life. Live it. Capture it. Share it. Automatically.sm

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